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Dedicated to providing our clients with optimum risk solutions.



MARKET RELATIONSHIPS- CCI maintains strong working relationships with the leading insurance/reinsurance organizations in the world.  All of these markets maintain the highest caliber of financial standing and claims paying ability, and are committed to providing exceptional service.


TRACK RECORD- CCI maintains a 3 decade track record of working with our clients to grasp their unique risk requirements.  This might include developing new lines of business or helping manage their insurance/reinsurance risk(s) to enhance efficiencies and profitability.



Our clients turn to CCI to:


* Protect their financial resources by managing financial reserve strain via

quota share reinsurance structures.


* Manage unknown accumulation(s) of risk and revenue.


* Improve their reinsurance program and/or risk structure(s) from both a pricing and benefits standpoint.  Reinsurance costs can often be an insurer's/reinsurer's greatest expenditure.  Maximizing benefits while keeping these costs to a minimum is paramount.


* Develop, market and administer new risk products.


* Support entry into new insurance/reinsurance markets or territories.



P&C Managing General Underwriter entertaining a niche Casualty/Propane Liability portfolio looking for a new issuing carrier in a hardened market.  CCI forms a Risk Retention Group platform (with accompanying reinsurance protections) on their behalf.

A&H Managing General Underwriter/Agent administering a substantial portfolio of Student Accident Medical business is abruptly canceled by their issuing carrier.  CCI secures an "A" rated/AM Best Co. replacement issuing carrier on their behalf.


“Third Party Administrator unable to secure Employer Stop Loss coverages protecting an adverse industry.  CCI arranges for a reinsurance structure supported by a recognized "A" rated/AM Best Co. reinsurer at a favorable rate and conditions.


International A&H Reinsurance Underwriter in need of an "A" rated/AM Best Co. lead carrier for their reinsurance facility.  CCI secures the intents of a recognized reinsurer, thus allowing the client to continue to underwrite their niche reinsurance portfolio throughout Latin America. 

Large and Internationally recognized A&H/Life reinsurer looking to rid themselves of a worrisome/volatile class of business.  CCI secures retrocessional coverage with an "A" rated/AM Best Co. reinsurer; thus eliminating their risk concerns going forth while providing this client with an ongoing override commission.


Sample CCI

Case Resolutions

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