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Providing the highest caliber of service and experience.


*  Majority of our staff placements are successful.


*  Over 35 years of industry experience.


*  Aggressive and timely response to clients.


*  Compensation based solely upon successful placement(s).

Excellence.  Experience.


All American Life Insurance Co./US Life


Assurant Group/American Bankers Group


Berkley Insurance Group


Employers Mutual Casualty Co.


Hannover Life Reassurance Co.






Sample Client Listing:

Liberty Mutual Group


Lloyds of London


Maksin Insurance Group/AIG


Morgan White Group


Nationwide Mutual Insurance Group 


Premier Physicians Insurance Co.


Redbridge Group


Starr Group


Tokio Fire & Marine Group


Total Plan Services, Inc.


United National Group 


Winterthur Reinsurance Group of America/Partner Re

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